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EWMA Safety
Bob & Renae Hicks | 3/2/2023

EWMA’s moto is “Friends for Fun, Safety and Riding”. There has not been much about “Safety” as folks been getting the organization up and running; but Safety has taken some steps.

Everyone knows what Fun is, everyone knows how to Ride, but what about Safety? It has taken awhile, but the Safety part is maturing.

EWMA Safety Mission Statement

To promote an atmosphere and space to encourage the sharing of safety tips, education and on bike skill exercises for the riders and co-riders. We will do this through EWMA developed presentations, on bike games, skill exercises, First Aid/CPR training and promotion of safety talks and tips.

EWMA Presentations - “Eagle Wings Motorcycle Association presentations created by and for Eagle Wings Motorcycle Association members”. The Presentations are complete and out to the Safety / Ride Coordinators. Thus, the Presentations can be given by ANY EWMA member if they are comfortable with giving them. The Presentations are design to be informational and jump start the discussion with our members.

EWMA Skill Exercises – The Skills are designed to be done at a Chapter level for members to hone or work on their skills. There is no “coaching” or ”instructing” allowed. We are calling them Parking Lot Practices and consists of 13 individual skill exercises. These should be completed and provided to the Safety / Ride Coordinators by the end of March, hopefully sooner. If further proficiency is wanted, consider taking an MSF course.

EWMA on bike Games – The “On-Bike Games” are FUN exercises, conducted mostly at Chapter and District levels. The Games will be provided as they are completed, not waiting for ALL the games to be documented. The “On-Bike Games” will be in a constant update as more are provided. If you know of any, please send through your Chapter Safety / Ride Coordinator.

First Aid/CPR training – EWMA offers continued FA/CPR training. There are NO levels in EWMA. However, we offer FA/CPR training to keep up your certification and help our fellow members and the general public.