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Eagle Wings Motorcycle Association, Minnkota District


Riding in non-GWRRA events
James Rivord | 8/1/2020

Today I went on a ride with a motorcycle dealer sponsored ride. There were several GWRRA members on the ride with me as well. We have training in GWRRA that enables us to be able to ride safely with other members that we might have never met, or not ridden with in the past. But on non-GWRRA rides, that shared knowledge is not going to be there. You don’t know how your fellow riders will act all the time.

This is not saying that we should avoid these types of events at all. But prudence dictates that you should be more conscious of what your other riders are doing.  When the stop light turns yellow, who will stop or blow through it? Will the person in front of you go through the stop sign as a group of four, or just two, or one? Who has radios and who doesn't? When you get cut off, does someone stop to leave a bread-crumb? 

Riding with other groups can be a wonderful thing to do and can also increase the number of riders that you interact with in the day. Just remember to be safe and ride your own ride all the time.

Jim Rivord